Written by: Spike
Publication Date: 2001-04-03

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I am writing to tell you about my first piercing. For the past 6 or 7 months i have been wanting to get a scrotal piercing. I wore piercless jewelry and clip ons to see how i would like it. I kept putting it off out of fear using excuses like i cant afford it or I'll get it done another time... Finally I figured hey. "ill by the jewelry and i can always piece it later. So i bought a 14 ga. CBR (Captive Bead Ring)with a skull bead. I had this for about a month and I still didnt have the guts to actually pierce it. The woman who was gonna pierce it for me (a friend i have made at my local piercing shop from frequent visits) told me she would do it for 35 bucks since I had the jewelry already. i decided that I would buy the needle and see if I had the guts o do it myself. If not she would only charge me 30 bucks as long as the needle was still packaged and factory sealed otherwise id have to get a new needle. Now that you know the background story -- heres what happened.

Tools: 12 ga. hollow piercing needle
14 ga. Captive Bead Ring

One night as I was in bed I couldnt stop thinking about getting it done. So i went and got a cup of peroxide and alcohol (2 cups) and soaked the jewelry in each for 10 minutes then i steralized it in boiling water for 10 minutes--then i got a cupp of ice and a towel and went back to my room. I put the towel on the bed--stripped nude and sat on the towel (in case of any blood) i put on hospital gloves and then layed out my tools. I opened the needle and rested it on the table on the sterile packaging and put the CBR next to it. I examined the area and checked to make sure i knew where i wanted it to enter and exit my skin. I pulled on the skin and put an ice cube on either side and squeezed it (for quicker effect) till it was cold and numb. This was the most discomforting thing about the whole ordeal. soooo cold!! i took the ice away and took the needle in hand and slowly passed it through the skin incase it hurt and i wanted to stop and chicken out- i felt nothing til it went out of the exit hole that pin ched a lil bit but i was ok-- no real pain cept for maybe frost bite--lol. I put the end of the CBR in the back of the needle and it followed it through very nicely. i closed the CBR and it was done. A tiny spot of blood came out while i fiddled with the ring to close it and then a little more when my skin defrosted, but not much-- equivalent to maybe a small cut. I cleaned up the little bit of blood and admired what i had just done.

It has been 3 weeks since I pierced my sack and It is pretty much all healed. The CBR was a little uncomfortable the first night due to the skin being a little tender from the piercing and also considering i sleep on my stomach. the second night was a lot better. Walking for the first day was a little challenging only because my sub consious made me be extra careful. and sometime i caught the CBR the wrong way while walking and it hurt a lil bit. I useds bacitracine for the first few days after cleaning it with anti bacterial soap daily. after the first 2 weeks it looked healed enough that I changed the jewelry to a barbell for more walking comfort. (that pesky sub concious- let me tell you). I love the way it looks and feels and i am thinking about piercing it again soon as well as my tongue and perhaps a labret and frenum when i can afford some jewelry. I recommend piercing it with a barbell to start, but one that is long enough to clean around easily. Its any easy piercing to do and it heals pretty fast. I never could have imagined the sensations that can come from it until the first time i was washing it and rubbing the soap on it . oooooooooooo. Yea baby!

I love to show my piercing to people and I love getting a reaction no matter what kind it is. I havent told all of my friends yet but the one I have told have accepted it and some doubted me. Others have asked to see it. I dont wanna just come out and tell my other friends. I have to figure out a way to work it into a conversation.

A message to those considering piercing their scrotum. I highly recommend it. Take care of it and make sure it is done in a sterile environment whether you have it done or you do it yourself.


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