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Written by: anonymous
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Publication Date: 2006-06-09

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SOOO I DID IT! I got my hood pierced... what an experience!!! LOL So my girl, Jaiby, who is now like my sister, came up to Paterson with me for my piercing. We went to my friend JM's house (he is Piercedflesh.com so check him out on myspace if you want anything pierced or jewelry or anything, and also check out his site, www.piercedflesh.com - there are some pictures of me on there - both new and old - so if u wanna see me u can ask me which are me...).

Anyway so we chatted and wasted time for a while and I was calm calm calm... until we started lookin at his website at the pictures of the verticle hood piercing (which is the one i wanted to get) and then I started to freak out a little. Why the hell would I want this? LOL But ANYWAY then his wife, Christina, started reading a story from someone who got their hood pierced and I got totally freaked out. So it was time for my piercing now so I am walkin around the house naked from the waste down and it must a just been very funny to experience from someone else's POV.

Anyway, he had to make sure I was "equipped" to get the vertical piercing so he was grabbin around down there and I JUMPED! I got pretty freaked out cuz he pinched it a little and it hurt me so I was like 'Oh Jesus, what am I getting myself into?' Then he poked me there and said "that hurt?" and everybody was laughing. It was pretty funny. So he draws the lines, gets the clamp on there and I told him to wait a minute cuz I needed to get myself together. Everybody thought I wasn't gonna go through with it by this point, but I knew I was gonna get it no matter what! "Just think of the little African girls, Alisa!" (u know the ones who get dragged out into the woods and get their whole shit cut out - if those lil 13 year olds can handle that and be okay, I can definitely take a little needle, right?)

So I grabbed the chair really hard and squeezed the shit outta it, I had christina holding one of my arms and jaiby holding the other, and I was ready. I knew there was no way I was gonna move once that clamp was on again, and I stayed still thru the whole thing. I did scream like a bitch, though! Apparently I screamed "Oh my Jesus" but I thought I just screamed "AHHH!" But the needle going through HURT LIKE HELL!!!! OMG!!!! I knew it would hurt but SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I felt like Sharon at the end of "Kill Her Off" (check out The Ropes in my music section to listen to "Kill Her Off" so you know what I'm talking about).

Anyway, once it was done, it really didn't hurt much. It doesn't hurt at all right now. It bleeds like crazy, though. MUCH more than any other piercing I've ever had. It bled and bled last night when I got it and then when I got up this morning there was SO MUCH blood around... it took me forever to clean. And, if you've ever had a piercing, you know how much cleaning it at the very beginning hurts... and then once I cleaned it, the blood started to flow again... so it is still bleeding right now. Hopefully that will stop soon. I have yet to experience any of the pleasurable effects of this, but I'll keep y'all updated! LOL. So that's the story!

It really wasn't bad except for the anxiety beforehand and the actual needle going thru. The after-pain is MUCH LESS than my nipples, tongue, and about even with the belly button... so it really is nothing to worry about if you can take a few seconds of pain. So thank you JM, Christina, and, most importantly, Jaiby (for being my moral support)! Love you guys!!!!!!!


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