Fem Nipples Piercing

Written by: anonymous
Publication Date: 2006-03-16

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I can only comment on Female, nipples, cause I am a female. Lol, obviously. My experience with my nipples was annoying at first. I pierced my nipples with CBR's originally, I do not reccommend having your nipples pierced with CBRs, BAD IDEA. Pain wise it didn't really hurt, my eyes didn't water or anything. I was fine. The clamp hurts and then bam needle through jewlery in. Fine. Some say the second hurts more than the first. My first hurt more. My experiece also may differ from yours because I have rather flat nipples. But oh well. For the first two weeks or so that my nipples where pierced they were hard so you get used to it. After that they are fine. I didn't lose feeling. But my CBRs migrated and I thought it was because of my nipples but it was generally because all the tension on the CBRs from my bra and my breast etc. So ultimately 6 months later my left nipple had migrated and if I didn't take it out it was going to rip out so I took that out. And it seemed like the right was getting worse rather than better so a couple months later I replaced it with a barbell as a last attemp. It healed in a week or so after I put the barbell in then I repierced my left nipple with a barbell and after about a mouth it was great. My left nipple didn't bother me at all I was shocked it healed so quickly. So I definitely recommend Barbells for women at least. Now I did stretch my right nipple after 8 months to a 12g. I should have waited longer. Your nipples are something you might want to just be extra precautous and go to a piercer to do. Because you're not "using" them really.


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