Nipple Piercing

Written by: Chrissy
Email: princess_tuli_op@yahoo.com
Publication Date: 2001-05-11

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Well, today I went to Pleasures of the Flesh, here in Fort myers, FL. A wek before I went in, and checked the place out with my friend Andy who had been there before. The guy was awesome and the place was soooo clean. He was also pretty cute. I'm almost eighteen but not quite and didn't want to wait, so i dragged my mom there and she filled out the necessary paper work, and we went to get the paper notarized. This was my first body piercing and it was so cool. I had my cell phone with me and my friend was suyppossed to be there for moral support but didn't come. He called right when i took my shirt off, and freaked out. I told my mom to shut off the phone and if she was ging to talk to him to leave. I was really anxious to get it done, and having your mom in the room while you get your nipples pierced was not good. I had heard and read that it doesn't hurt that bad to get your nips pierced. Maybe for some but for me it hurt some. I'm on my period and that could be a reason, and I also have small breasts, and te-tiny nipples. When he went through first it hurt more in my chest than my nipple. I ended up saying,"eeekk!", sort of like a mouse would. The second time wasn't as bad and I only straightened out my legs, because of the pain. Afterwards, they have hurt and bled a little ,but not too bad. I was able to go to work where I serve tables, so it wasn't to bad. My boss knew and was really nice about it. Anyone who weants this piercing I say go for it. It's awesome, and you can't get in trouble for having it at work. e-mail me if you want.


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