My Lip Piercing Experience

Written by: anonymous
Email: clotflinger@yahoo.com
Publication Date: 2002-11-03

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I got my lip pierced for my eighteenth birthday. I had a friend do it at my house- I assisted him with a set of nipples in exchange for my own work. He used a homemade niobium ring. I had originally planned to do my eyebrow, but five people I knew got theirs done after I told them I was doing mine, so I went with the lip instead. It was wonderful...just a little burst of pain that made me see stars for a few minutes and it was all over. I had to take it out two months later for a job and it hadn't healed all the way. I tried to put the ring back in as soon as I took it out, but it wouldn't go. Now I work at a radio station and can't have anything clicking on my teeth when I talk, so it's just as well, but I have been thinking about having other piercings done. I am going to add some artistic stuff to my ears. I want the flap of cartilage on the front of my ears done, and I am going to do a second set of holes in my lobes and stretch them. I want to pierce my clit, but it's not big enough. I might do my hood- when I find the right piercer and jewelry.


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