Tongue Piercing

Written by: Anonymous
Publication Date: 2006-03-13

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The actual piercing is quick, slides right in usually. For me the mouthwash hurt more than the actual piercing. Keep that stuff in till your eyes are watering and you can't take it anymore. It numbs your tongue. My tongue piercing was my first (Other than my lobes). And it wasn't that bad. Four the next hour or so you're gonna need to get used to that baby (like every piercing) No Straws! You have to relearn to eat. You have to eat ice constantly and it's recommended you take anti inflamitory pills, like I think I look Aleeve. Your tongue swells up twice as big, usually. It blows. When you sleep you generally bite it so it irritates it. You get this crazy looking white stringy stuff coming out of it. That's good it means it's healing. Don't flip out. Use mouth wash after eating. EVERYTIME. For me swelling went down pretty well after four days and after two weeks I was used to the piercing and it didn't work. I switched it, though that does mean you should, after two weeks to a shorter acrylic barbell cause I was learning to eat and talk with it and you generally do bite it. Be careful, unless you don't mind cracking a tooth. Healing for a tongue ring was a big pain in the ass, but it was fast. So just a little incovenience. Overall. Love it. When stretching just slide the bigger size in, AFTER it heals and after it's used to the guage you're in. I went down to 8 just sliding them in. You may need to taped later, but jumping guages causes swelling again. And that's no fun.


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