Tongue Piercing

Written by: Anonymous
Publication Date: 2001-05-15

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I just recently got my tongue pierced a couple of day's ago. I've been wanting to get it done for about 3 year's now and finally got the nutz to do it. My 19 y.o brother took me a couple of day's before I got it done, to get it pierced BUT, wouldn't you know...the piercer wasn't there that day. SO....I started to try to talk myself out of it. BUT, a couple day's later, I went back AND, low and behold, the guy was there. I was SSSOOO nervous AND scared. BUT, it didn't hurt hardly At all. I didn't believe my brother when he told me that it wouldn't hurt because, it's your tongue. I mean, come on! It HURT'S when you bite your tongue BUT, this felt NOTHING like that. I guess it's because of the clamp that they use, to cut the blood circulation and pressure off with. Now, a few day's later, my tongue is SSSOOO DRY and it is so Irritating and I can barely chew ANYTHING and have had a hard time drinking anything for the past few day's but, HOPfully (and I;ve been told & have read that) it will get beeter within the next few day's. Thay tell you not to play with the bar-bell, But, who the hell can resist! All in all, it didn't hurt, and it look's COOL! AND, it's fun to play with. Just remember: NO wet kissing for 4 week's, NO oral sex for 6 week's and WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT EVERY TIME You smoke or eat anything!


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