A Dream Realized

Written by: JM
Email: Gremi0@aol.com
Publication Date: 2001-05-11

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For as far back as i can remember I always wanted an ear ring. I always asked my mom who always said no. One time she told me i could when I was 18.

I'm 20 now I just recently got my ear pierced. Yes I know this isnt a big deal to most of you but to me it is. It has been pierced for about 4 weeks now. One monday evening I hope home flipping through channels on the TV and decided on friends because there wasnt much else to watch. Let me just tell you Friends got boring very quickly. I decided to pierce my ear to fight the boredom, so I got out a 12 guage piercing needle and 14 guage Captive Bead Ring which i have several of because... I sell them. (heh heh) I grabbed a pair of forceps and walked to my mirror. I gaved at my ear's reflection and decided on a nice spot on my Lobe in which to add this accessory.

I then grabbed the ear and pushed theneedle through slowly so i could enjoy it. I knew that this would only happen once. My ear was pierced. and what do ya know.. didnt hurt.. not like i thought it would but ya know.

So now i have a CBR with a captive skull in my ear. I took some time to get used to the weight and look of it. I mean a sudden change in your facial appearance takes some adjustment.

By now some of you are probably laughing at "how lame this is" but this was the realization of a 10 year dream and I am glad that I waited because I can appreciate a simple ear lobe piercing a lot more now.

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