What Do I Get For Hosting A Party?

  15% Party Total in FREE MERCHANDISE! (Includes Piercing)
  Have one of your guests book a party of their own and get 25% FREE MERCHANDISE instead of 15%.
  Enjoy discounts and special gifts offered only to Party Hosts
Meet and mingle with our great staff
Make friendships that will last a lifetime

So let me explain how this works. You book a party. You set up the time, date and location. You pay a $50 booking fee which covers travel expenses. Next step is to invited your friends, family and or co-workers. We show up at the party and pierce those who are willing. Its like having your party in a piercing studio except its at a location of your chosing. Get free stuff while your guests get pierced! Heres an example.

If you have 3 people pierced at say $45 each and somebody buys $65 worth of jewelry then the total is $200 and you get $30 worth of FREE jewelry and/or piercings. If someone books a party then you would get 25% instead of 15% so that same $200 Party is now earning you $50 FREE, which is kinda like getting your initial $50 back so you see it pays to have a party and have fun with all your friends, and if you get one of them to have a party then you get so much more and not only that, then you get to go to their party too! You can't lose. The bigger the party, the more potential you have for free stuff. We always have a lot of fun at our piercing parties.

Call 845-721-7490 or email jm@PiercedFlesh.com to book your party or to find out how to get invited to one.
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